CAPS Inc. is an independent CAS consulting firm who delivers the most respected & confidential, in-depth detailed compressed air system performance evaluation (CAPE) in this industry - we then review the extensive report findings and recommendations with you and your team - to help you start budgeting and project planning on how to capture the CAS energy savings identified in our extensive and detailed report.

      Every client using our independent - non-partisan services has been successful in saving!     

 CAPS Inc. can also assist in significantly minimizing capital equipment-retrofit and installation investment costs you may need to reduce your CAS horsepower and annual energy consumption by CAPS Inc. one of a kind - unique CAS equipment

 "Specification-Tendering-Selection-Procurement Assistance & Project Management" services!  

We'll discuss with you just how in-depth and accurate our on-site work - data analysis and reporting will be for you!
Ask us about our nitrogen on-site generation work as well!
CAPS Inc. provides you with a written 
fixed fee CAPE project/expenses quotation!

Regardless of your CAS size or horsepower CAPS Inc. can help you significantly reduce your CAS horsepower and annual electrical energy costs EVERY TIME!

CAPS Inc. has performance evaluated hundreds of CAS ranging from 1/4 to 7,000 horsepower and shown each client exactly where they can improve their:

  • CAS & production equipment CFM demands
  • CAS & plant/production equipment air pressures
  • Air compressor CFM discharge output
  • Air compressor horsepower required 
  • Annual CAS energy consumption
  • AND - much more
    • Including - but not limited to
      • Power quality
      • Heat recovery
CAPS Inc. clients continually note their satisfaction in our reports depth of analysis and explanations of what's happening in their CAS and our recommendations which give you a blueprint to capture and reduce your compressor horsepower and electrical energy annually.
  Our client comments speak for themselves! 
 Generally, CAPS Inc. will be able to identify - capture and reduce client CAS horsepower and annual electrical energy savings in the range of
30 - 35% 
In many cases, CAPS Inc. has identified, captured and reduced client compressed air horsepower/annual electrical energy in excess of
50 (+)% 
Because CAPS Inc. 28 plus years experience comes from actually being physically involved in mechanical repairs & overhauls, designing and building of complete system packages, retrofitting existing systems, installing new systems, performance testing compressors and related equipment, commissioning systems, troubleshooting and consulting - means
  Our CAPE recommendations are realistic