CAPS Inc. originally developed - built and field tested the ATMS Gen I version in late 2009 for a client to assist in their compressed air CFM demand reduction program.  The ATMS Gen I performance was a resounding success during field testing and is still in use today! 

The ATMS Gen I saved the client considerable compressed air   horsepower and CFM demand required to cool their specialized system equipment, and  cooled the sensitive equipment to a lower internal ambient temperature than the 3 original OEM cooling  devices supplied by the OEM.   

Since then CAPS Inc. has developed the ATMS Gen II version - not pictured - which is considerably more compact in overall size and has simplified operation & control methodology for the end user.  The Gen II will be going into similar applications shortly after additional laboratory/field testing is completed and the to-date results are significant in reducing compressed air horsepower and CFM demand even further from the original Gen I version! 

CAPS Inc. is very excited on our ATMS Gen III unit currently being final design developed as a "micro" version of the ATMS Gen II unit utilizing aerospace components.  Laboratory testing of the Gen III unit will commence shortly and initial results are very promising in providing a highly specialized-safe "micro" cooling system to the end user using very little compressed air CFM/pressure. 

-   All ATMS units are CSA/UL - X-Proof - Sanitation Compliant   - 

The ATMS system can cool other hostile applications as well! 

Contact us to find out more about this exciting cooling concept showing a lower per unit/operating and maintenance cost versus other cooling applications available.