"Our manufacturing company had just bought a brand new 100 horsepower rotary screw air compressor, and all of the filters and dryer suggested by the local OEM sales representative.  We had spent nearly $100,000 in new equipment, installation and electrical to get ready for our new air compressor system which was going to get our plant back up and running for our new piece of production equipment which required more compressed air than our old air compressor could do.  WELL - we switched on the new air compressor system, then switched on our new piece of production equipment while all our company executives watched - AND IT DIDN"T WORK - our new piece of production equipment couldn't operate - EVEN with our new air compressor we had just bought!  Needless to say we were NOT happy with our local OEM sales representative and their air compressor!   I then heard about CAPS Inc. - I called President Don Dyck in desperation while our new piece of production equipment was losing thousands of dollars a day!  I was really nervous as CAPS Inc. immediately came in to see our new air compressor system - CAPS Inc. performed some tests on our new air compressor and in about 6 hours - only 6 hours CAPS Inc. came into my office and told me exactly what was wrong!  CAPS Inc. explained and showed me the testing data explaining our new air compressor was delivered to us by the local OEM sales office with - GET THIS ... the wrong drive gears set - and - had a $50 pneumatic control valve malfunctioning.  THEN - CAPS Inc. explained that our new air compressor could NEVER give us 500 ACFM as promised by the local sales rep we needed for our new piece of production equipment because of our plants ALTITUDE!  Well - CAPS Inc. helped us get our local sales office/rep and compressor manufacturer to fix our new air compressor and make it work properly (for free while they paid for the rental compressor we had to get) and give us the ACFM we needed for our new production equipment - THEN - CAPS Inc. showed us how to reduce the CFM demand for the new piece of production equipment and completed a full CAPE project for the rest of our plant!  WE'RE STILL SAVING COMPRESSED AIR HORSEPOWER AND ENERGY TODAY BECAUSE OF CAPS Inc. - thanks Don". (Alberta)


"In 2007, we met CAPS Inc. for the first time and I have to admit I was skeptical because of all the so called consultants I had experienced in the past!  CAPS Inc. came into our plant for about 5 days and performed a full CAPE for our multiple air compressor system.  Then in about 3 weeks CAPS Inc. came back with their report and I was amazed at how detailed the report was and explaining exactly where all our compressed air was going to and how much it costs us every year.  Then CAPS Inc. recommended how we could reduce our plants compressor horsepower and air demands - and in a few months we were able to shut off half of our compressors and our one compressor was now running our whole plant and consuming less than 75% of its horsepower-energy!  Since then we have had 3 major plant production expansions and were STILL running on only one air compressor.  CAPS Inc. has literally saved us 10's of thousands of dollars both on equipment and annual energy since 2007!" (Alberta)


"Recently we had CAPS Inc. perform a CAPE to our compressed air system.  We originally didn't expect it and where completely amazed at the report issued by CAPS Inc. - not only was it very detailed but it outlined where every cubic foot of compressed air was going to and how much it all cost us in annual energy.  CAPS Inc. report also gave us real recommendations and they don't recommend OEM brand names BUT recommended what we needed for any new equipment to do, and where we could really save allot of compressed air and compressor energy.  I've had a lot of consultants come through our plant and all I got was a report less than a few pages long and all of their recommendations where for us to buy THEIR products.  As far as I am  concerned CAPS Inc. is the only legitimate, professional and MOST knowledgeable compressed air system auditing firm out there and would highly recommended them any day!" (Quebec)


"CAPS Inc. has done work for our other plants in British Columbia, Manitoba and Alberta - and every time they have performed their CAPE work they have delivered well above 100%.  After CAPS Inc. completed their work for us, like all of my sister plants in Canada my plant is now enjoying a compressed air system that is less than half of the horsepower we originally had and savings us thousands of energy dollars every year.  CAPS Inc. also helped us go the compressor industry and we got the best compressor system at the best price for the new equipment and installation.  "You will not be disappointed with CAPS Inc. work or their report or the results - guaranteed, and their service fees are very affordable." (Alberta)


"We're saving over $19,000 year in compressed air electrical energy after CAPS Inc. completed their work and CAPS Inc. was RIGHT - their service fees where less than what we spend on servicing our photocopiers every year!"  (Ontario)


"After CAPS Inc. completed their work and helped us from start to finish with revamping and repairing our whole air compressor system, we don't do anything to our new compressor system or add new production equipment until we consult with CAPS Inc. President Don Dyck first, because we know we'll get real answers and recommendations on what we need to do!" (British Columbia)


"If you need someone who can really find what's wrong with your air compressor system and have the data to back it up without all the smoke and mirrors tricks I've seen other consultants use ... call CAPS Inc.!" (USA)


"Our maintenance and project planning departments attended CAPS Inc. half day compressed air seminar.  When they came back from the seminar they were excited because they actually saw CAPS Inc. show them what was going on in our plant and what was causing it and even better of how to fix it and there WAS NO SALES pitch ever from CAPS Inc.  Since then we've had CAPS Inc. in our plant several times helping us and we're about to total revamp our whole compressed air system from CAPS Inc. recommendations and we'll be saving thousands of energy dollars ourselves every year as well!" (Alberta)


Our multi-national company will now ONLY use CAPS Inc. from here on in.  Their professional and expert work they have done for several of our plants has been incredible and they have saved us considerable compressor horsepower and electrical energy at every one of our production plants." (Ontario)


"No other compressed air consulting firm I know of can compare to CAPS Inc. work and professional reporting.  You had better be prepared for the detailed reporting CAPS Inc. will give you because CAPS Inc. will help you every step of the way you'll need and you WILL save money!"  (Saskatchewan)


"I have been to a lot of seminars and lunch-and-learn sessions over the years and almost all of them nearly put me to sleep.  But when I attended CAPS Inc. half day seminar it was very professional and informative and FUN!  Don had actual case stories of incidents in his compressed air career that where fun to hear but showed how simple correcting something in a compressed air system could really be without spending thousands of dollars or being mislead!"  (Manitoba)


"I recall when CAPS Inc. first came to perform their CAPE work for our compressor system and as he was doing his work he asked to see our local compressor service company's service records/billings for our air compressor.  CAPS Inc. showed us we were being charged very expensive service calls virtually every other week by our local compressor service company and then CAPS Inc. had us replace a simple air pressure gauge with a new and more accurate one.  CAPS Inc. then had our maintenance department adjust our air compressor slightly and we haven't had that air compressor service company come back again!"  (Manitoba)


"We're really looking forward to when CAPS Inc. will be starting their 1 & 2 day compressed air seminars this fall.  Our North American multi-national company is looking into all of our engineers, project managers and maintenance managers/personnel participating in CAPS Inc. seminars because it will save us compressed air capital equipment and annual energy costs immediately!" (Ontario)


"If you want the real deal - no nonsense truth about how your air compressor system is actually operating and want to save compressor horsepower and energy every year, call CAPS Inc. because they don't sell you brand names or products, they'll help you find what you need at the best price that will actually do what you need and save you money every time!" (Alberta)